Nursing students working in the lab.

Frequently Asked Questions for Nursing RN to B.S.N.

Frequently Asked Questions for Nursing RN to B.S.N.

Can I go to school part time or full time?
Students can take courses part time or full time in any course sequence as long as pre-requisite courses are met. However, nursing courses must be taken in semester sequence and pre-requisites for courses must be fulfilled prior to enrollment.

What courses will transfer from other academic institutions?
Penn State accepts many credits from other colleges and Universities. Please refer to the Penn State Admissions home page that discusses credit transfer policies. The College of Nursing determines how transfer credits apply to nursing curricular requirements. However, 36 of the last 60 credits must be Penn State credits.

What courses can I start taking?
The courses you need for the degree are listed in the nursing program website. Any non nursing course can be taken. Many courses are the same but have different names. You may erroneously take a class you already have so you need to cautious.

I am already an R.N. What will it take to complete a Bachelor of Science in Nursing degree at Penn State?
As an RN you can enroll in the RN to B.S.N. program. This will require some additional general education courses and a specialized curriculum for the RN student. There is an additional 28 credits in nursing. Of these 28 credits, 4 credits are clinical experience which is developed collaboratively with the student and instructor to meet the individual student learning needs.