Suggestions for a Successful Student Orientation

Orientation Guidelines/Suggestions

  1. Send student packet of information (at least 3 weeks prior to the start of the affiliation) including at a minimum:
    1. general information about facility
    2. directions and parking
    3. dress code
    4. meal availability
    5. work hours to include expectations for weekend work hours
  2. Develop a checklist of things that your facility requires students to complete (i.e. HIPAA training, tour, reviewing policy & procedure manuals, mandatory inservices, etc.)
  3. First day - try to mark out one hour at the beginning of the work day to:
    1. Give tour
    2. Review expectations of the facility for students (week by week or general)
    3. Review student introduction form with student
    4. Discuss feedback guidelines with student (immediate, set time of day, etc.)
    5. Establish goals for first week of clinical
  4. Schedule time for mid-term and final reviews between CI/student during the affiliation.
  5. Develop a weekly goal sheet for the CI and student to jointly complete at the end of each week to assist with better communication (attached is an example).

Check List for Students Arrival for CCCE

6-8 weeks prior to clinical and Date Completed

Send out introduction letter to student-include directions, hours, dress code and CI’s name, hours worked by student, expected expenses, necessary clearances etc. _____________

Schedule a tour with CCCE for the student’s first hour _____________

Schedule an initial meeting with CI for review of goals _____________

Schedule the mid-term and final with CI (one hour each) _____________

2-3 weeks prior to clinical

Confirm that the correct student paperwork is received _____________

Give the CI the student folder with mid-term/final and other

information from school _____________

1-2 weeks prior to clinical

Send message to staff regarding student name, school, and date of student arrival. _____________

Set up computer access if applicable _____________

Orientation Check List for Students first day to be performed by CCCE (first hour)

Please initial each item when completed with student

_____ Tour of the facility

_____ Point out all fire pulls

_____ Point out all fire extinguishers

_____ Show emergency exit routes

_____ Discuss all learning opportunities available for student to observe during the clinical

_____ Review and discuss the student handbook (if you have one) with the student

_____ Set up student computer access, if applicable

_____ Student to complete any facility paperwork, mandatory inservices, etc.

_____Discuss call-off procedure in the event of emergency or illness

Orientation Check List for CIs

Things to address with student during the first meeting

_____ Goals for affiliation- most schools send individual goals prior to their first day. You should have this in your student folder. Review and discuss how these will be achieved. Start weekly goal sheet at beginning of second week

_____ Ask the student about a desire to participate in available learning opportunities (for example, observe other disciplines or surgery)

_____ Review dress code and other pertinent policies with student

_____Discuss call-off procedure in the event of emergency or illness

_____ Review documentation/charting system with student

_____ Double check that Midterm/Final- dates are set, 1 hour for both.

_____ Verify ACCE contact information with CCCE

_____ Discuss the facilities expectations and student's goals for the clinical affiliation

Student-­CI Weekly Meeting Report

Week of:_______________________________





Weekly Goals:


Specific Problem Areas/Questions:


The above has been discussed between student and supervisor.

Student’s Signature__________________________________

Supervisor’s Signature________________________________