Fayette's Local Listservs

In order to simplify communication with groups, there are eight email listservs:

  • ALLFE—Fayette Employees
  • FESTF—Fayette Staff (non-Faculty)
  • FEFAC—Fayette Faculty
  • FEAST—Fayette Staff Assistants
  • FEMNT—Fayette Maintenance/Tech Service Group
  • FECMG—Fayette Administrative Council (formerly CMG)
  • FENSO—Fayette Network Services Staff
  • FEMEDIA—Fayette Instructional Design

To use a listserv, simply select the group abbreviation in the above-left column, insert it before @lists.psu.edu ([email protected]), and put the entire address in the TO: field.

So, if you wanted to send an email to everyone who works at Penn State Fayette, the TO: field in your message should read: [email protected]. You may then compose your message and send it just as you would send an email to an individual.

If you wish to manage all of your Penn State listserv subscriptions, visit lists.psu.edu and select Subscribers' Corner

IMPORTANT NOTE: When sending an email to FESTF, please do not also send it to the other staff lists, as recipients would receive duplicate messages.