Chevron STEM Camp

Chevron STEM campus students.

Students participating in week two of the Chevron STEM camps at Penn State Fayette are, front row, from left: Abigail Cloutier, Marissa Pritts, Brianna Pritts, Garrett Pritts and Brianna Rychtarsky. Seated in the middle row, from left, are: Isabell Kudyba, Erin Trainer, Haleigh Shultz, Haley Miller, Macie Nance and Erin Rychtarsky. Seated in the back row, from left, are: David Stephenson, Luke Smearcheck, James Brown, Hunter Craig, James Baur, Caleb Skirpan and Michael Cavanagh. Standing are instructors Bernadette Trainer, Lynne Roy and Theresa Frick, along with Joseph Segilia, director of outreach and continuing education.

Image: Penn State