Students working in the Student Success Center.

Academic Internships

Academic Internships

Steps to completing your academic internship (for credit)

Here are the steps you need to take in order to begin your academic internship. If you have any questions about the process, or need assistance with your resume, career counseling, or have any other questions please feel free to stop by the Career Services Office in the Student Success Center.

  • Contact the Career Services team to be added to the Career Services at Penn State Fayette Angel group.
  • This can be done either by phone – 724.430.4119, email – or in person at the Student Success Center.
  • Review Internship Basics and the Academic Internship Timeline located in the Career Services Angel group.
  • Complete the Academic Internship Survey located in the Career Services Angel group.
  • Find an internship position/job
    • If you are unsure what constitutes an internship or if an internship you have located will count as college credit, speak to your faculty internship instructor.
    • If you need help finding an internship, career counseling or resume development, contact Career Services.
  • Complete the Academic Internship Contact Sheet located in the semester folder for which you are registered within the Career Services at Penn State Fayette Angel group.
  • Get a signed Academic Internship Agreement and deliver the signed agreement to Career Services.
    • This form must be signed by you, your internship employer, and the faculty internship instructor.
  • Pick up your registration form from Career Services and take it to the Registrar’s office to register for your internship.
    • If for any reason you are unable to register for your internship at this point, please see either your faculty advisor or Career Services

You cannot start your internship until you are registered for your internship course.

You cannot register until you have completed the Academic Survey, and submitted both a signed internship agreement and on-line Academic Internship Contact Sheet. No Exceptions!

You are now ready to begin your internship!