Students working in the Student Success Center.

Academic Coaching and Tutoring Services

Academic Coaching and Tutoring Services

The Learning Center provides individual and group tutoring for current Penn State students. Peer and professional tutors offer academic support in most courses that the campus offers each semester. If a tutor is not available in a specific subject area, students may still take advantage of academic coaching sessions related to time management and study skills. While we want to offer students as much help and practice as possible, students are also encouraged to utilize faculty office hours.

To make a tutoring appointment, go to

  • Register for an account with your Penn State email address
  • Log in to view The Learning Center schedule and to limit the listing to your course or subject area needs

In the event that we are unable to fulfill your request, it would be due to either of the following reasons:

  1. A tutor in your subject area is not available at the center.
  2. A tutor in your subject area is available, but not at the same time that you are available.

Also, if you must cancel or reschedule an appointment or if you request data changes, please do so in the online scheduling system or contact the center by phone at 724-430-4119 at your earliest opportunity.

Writing Assistance

Writing help is also available online via our Fayette OWL (Online Writing Lab). Access the OWL at

The Learning Center does not coordinate tutoring for elementary, middle school, or high school students in the area. However, the Student Success Center’s Career Services department will advertise outside tutoring needs to our student body. Email or call 724-430-4119 to share information about such a request.

Test Proctoring

Test proctoring is available for Fayette students with approved testing accommodations or instructor-approved make-up exams.

The center does not provide exam proctoring for students from other institutions or professionals needing certification/recertification exams.

To request a test proctor, please click the “Test Proctor Request Form” link located on the left.