Students working in the Student Success Center.

Meet the Tutors

Meet the Tutors

Professional Tutors

  • Timothy Landy, Professional Writing Tutor
  • Cassandra Isenberg, Professional Writing Tutor
  • Caleb Winters, Professional Writing Tutor
  • Paul Coltus, Professional Biology/Chemistry Tutor
  • Jason Apel: Physical Therapy

Peer Tutors

  • Colton Layhue: Math 4-141, Chem 001-110
  • Nate Mullerliele: Bio 110, Math 110, Statistics, Finance, Accounting, Econ
  • Olivia Crutchman: Math, Econ 104, Acct 211, Finance
  • Alicia Kelley: Chem, Math, Physics
  • Nick Strotz: Physical Therapy

Staff Support/Academic Coaching

  • Abbi Petrosky: Study Skills, Time Management, General Academic Support


  • Mary Inks Budinsky: Writing, Study Skills, Time Management