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Frequently Asked Questions

Frequently Asked Questions

I am having problems non-academic related. How can the Student Success Center support me?
The Student Success Center is a comfortable environment just to relax, but the staff is also familiar with many of the other resources Penn State Fayette has to offer support to students.

What kinds of information session and workshops are available to me?
All the workshops and events that the Student Success Center hosts are open to every student. Throughout the semester there are workshops that focus on writing, study skills, time management, career assessments, writing personal statements, major exploration, graduate school exploration, career fairs, financial literacy, Linked In, meeting your adviser, and fireside chats where we sit down with faculty or staff and learn about their educational experiences.

Can I come to the center to study without an appointment?
Yes! You can come to the center to student independently or with a group. Just sign in at the reception area when coming to the center.

How do I schedule an appointment?
Sign up for an appointment online at Appointments can be made for advising, career services, and tutoring sessions. *First-time users will have to register their Penn State email and student ID and create an account.

Is The Student Success Center on any social media sites?
Yes, The Student Success Center is on Twitter and Instagram. The Student Success Center uses these sites to remind students and faculty of upcoming workshops and events. Follow us at @SuccessCtr_fe for both Twitter and Instagram.


What can academic advising help me with?
Academic advising is available to help you schedule or add and drop classes, to explore available majors, as well as develop your educational goals while considering your academic interests, abilities, and career options. The Academic Advising Manager can also assist you in changing your major and changing your campus should you need to relocate within the Penn State system to complete your degree program.

How do I register for classes?
It is recommended that you meet with your adviser before scheduling classes, but you can develop a schedule and register on your own through LionPATH. Registration is conducted through priority status and then by the number of credits completed

How do I declare a major?
You are able to declare or change you major by filling out a Change of Major form. You will need to provide your current major and college it is in, as well as the intended major and college you are interested in switching to. The dean of the new college you are requesting to enter must approve of the change of major.

How do I find my academic adviser?
Your academic adviser is found on Elion. All you have to do is log in and click on the advising tab that is part of the menu across the top of the page. A drop down menu will appear with an “Adviser Information” option. If you click on this your adviser’s name, email, and office location will appear. They are often in the department of your major.

How do I change my campus assignment?
You will first need to meet with your assigned academic adviser to determine if a change is appropriate. Once you have met with your adviser, you can initiate the change of campus assignment process by stopping into the Student Success Center and filling out the Change of Assignment Form. You can then submit this form to Ms. Devon White, the advising manager and Division of Undergraduate Studies representative. You can fill out this form the semester prior to changing campuses. The form submission will then be processed and you will receive notification once it is approved.

How do I change my adviser?
There is an Adviser Change Request Form that must be filled out in order to change you adviser. You must provide your current adviser information as well as the new adviser’s information. Your new adviser must sign the change request and it is submitted to Ms. White to be processed. This form is available in the Student Success Center.

Where can I find my degree audit or recommended academic plan?
These resources can be found on Elion. Under the “Schedule” tab drop down menu these options are provided to you. It is helpful to have both of these readily available when meeting with your adviser so it can be referenced when developing a schedule.

Can my parents meet with my advisor without me present to talk about my schedule, grades, or academic progress?
As a college student you have privacy under the Family Education Rights and Privacy Act (FERPA) which states universities cannot release any form of educational records without the student’s written consent. The right of educational records transfer to the student once enrolled in an institution of higher education. A parent cannot meet with an academic adviser without the student. Even with your consent, a parent should never request to have an advising appointment without you.

Am I able to drop a class?
You are able to drop a class within the first week of the semester. There is a late add/drop period during which you can drop a class as well. You do not need approval to drop any classes, but you must be aware of the number of credits that will remain on your schedule following the class drop. The minimum number of credits for a full-time student is 12.

Where do I go to transfer credits?
When transferring credits into Penn State Fayette your transcripts from the prior institution should be sent to the registrar. After they are processed, you can view if your credits have transferred on your degree audit.

My credits from my prior university have been transferred as General Education requirements. Is it possible to have my classes count as a different requirement for my major?
It may be possible for this to happen. What you will have to do is submit a course substitution form to your advisor. It is always good practice to have a course description of syllabus available to submit along with the request form. This allows the reviewing university official to see the concepts and topics that were covered in previous course work and to make a decision on whether or not the course meets the spirit of the major or general education requirement.

When I log-in to Elion to schedule, what does it mean if there is a hold placed on my account?
When a hold is placed on your account you will not be allowed to register or add additional courses, access your transcript, and it could prevent the issuing of your diploma upon graduation.
The types of holds that can be placed on a student's record are as follows:

  • Academic—placed and removed by the appropriate college dean's office
  • Administrative—placed and removed by the Registrar's office
  • Disciplinary—placed and removed by the Office of Student Conduct
  • Financial—placed and removed by offices such as the Parking Office, University Libraries, Office of the Bursar
  • Health—placed and removed by University Health Services

Make immediate contact with the office that activated the hold to initiate the actions necessary to have the hold removed.

Career Services

I’m unsure of what career path to choose. Who can I go to in order to help me make this decision?
Only you can make a decision about your career path, but career services can help you identify resources to make that decision. We have tools and assessments that can help point you in the right direction. The site Career Services utilizes is called My Plan. Four assessments that are available to you focus on personality, interests, skills, and values. Once these are completed you can stop by the Student Success Center to meet with any of our Career coaches to process your results and receive some insight to your career options.

Can Career Services help me find an internship or job?
Yes, Career Services can help you gain the skills to find an internship or job. We can help guide you through searching for internship and job opportunities. We can review resumes and cover letters. We also facilitate mock interviews to prepare you for an actual interview. However, securing an internship site or job is up to you!

How can I make an internship count for class credit?
Having your internship count for class credit is a simple process! The semester before your internship you should meet with the Career Services Coordinator, to express your interest in completing an internship. After this you will be added to the Career Services ANGEL group where you will find all the resources to navigate the internship process. During this time you will need to work with the coordinator and your internship instructor to agree on an acceptable site. Then you will complete the appropriate paperwork in order to be able to register for the internship credits.

Can I still look for an internship on my own?
Absolutely! We encourage students to research internship possibilities, but are here to help with any questions and concerns.

Can Career Services help me to find job shadowing opportunities?
Yes, Career Services can help you find job shadowing opportunities. You can arrange this by calling the front desk of The Student Success Center at 724-430-4119, stopping by the center located in the Williams building, or scheduling an appointment with Career Services online at

Can Career Services help me practice interviewing?
Yes! Career Services uses a website called Interview Stream to help students get more comfortable with the interview process. Questions can be customized depending on your major and type of employment that you are seeking. The great part about this mock interviewing site is that it will video record your responses for playback. Students are able to view the entire interview after completed in order to see what they need to improve on. Our staff is also willing to meet with students who complete these interviews in order to provide feedback on their responses and body language.

The Learning Center

Can I come to The Learning Center if I have good grades?
Yes! Even if you don’t feel like you’re struggling in a course, you can take advantage of a tutoring session for extra practice, to review a paper, and to improve. We want to help you succeed and achieve your goals. (Plus, even experts in their fields consult others for advice and feedback!)

How can I request a tutor?
Sign up for a session online at
*First-time users will have to register their Penn State email and student ID and create an account. Stop by The Learning Center in the Williams Building or call 724-430-4119 for scheduling questions and assistance.

Can I schedule recurring tutoring appointments for multiple weeks?
Yes, you can! Simply log on to Once logged on choose the learning center schedule in the top drop box. Then you can use the second drop box to choose a specific subject. The schedule will bring up the tutors that work with that particular subject, their schedule, and availability for the week. To schedule recurrent appointments click the arrow for the next week and make another appointment, continue doing this until you scheduled as many appointments as you want.

I’m have trouble in a subject not offered by current tutors, what should I do?
Contact the front desk of The Student Success Center by calling 724-430-4119 or emailing to discuss specific subjects that maybe troubling you. If we do not have a tutor for a particular subject, you can still meet with a staff member to work on study and test-taking skills.

How should I prepare for a tutoring session?
Before the session, review the content you want to work on, and prepare questions for the tutor. Perhaps there’s a math problem that’s giving you trouble, a concept that you don’t understand, or part of a writing assignment that you feel could use improvement. When it’s time for the session, bring your class notes, syllabus, textbook, and assignment instructions-whatever is relevant to what you want to work on. Whatever your concerns or needs, share them with your tutor. We are here to help!

Who are the tutors? How can I become a tutor?
The Learning Center is comprised of peer and professional tutors who are strong in the subject areas in which they tutor. Professional tutors have undergraduate or graduate degrees, and these employees usually have standard hours of service. Peer tutors volunteer or are employed by The Learning Center, have exceled in their courses, and have been recommended by faculty.

If you wish to apply for a peer tutor position, email Mary Budinsky at to share your interest and inquire about staff openings.
An applicant must be a current Penn State Fayette student, must have an “A” in the course for which he/she is applying to tutor, and must have a minimum 3.25 overall GPA. Applicants must be in good overall academic standing and be responsible and patient. Peer tutors needed and the number hired varies with academic needs of students per semester.

How do I schedule to make up an exam?
To schedule an exam you must complete the exam request form on the Penn State Fayette website at least 48 hours prior to preferred exam date. Faculty will need to email or hand-deliver exam, instructions, and guidelines to Mary Budinsky at

Can students use the testing rooms to study?
Yes. If rooms are not in use for exam proctoring or other Student Success Center appointments. Students may reserve a room for group study by call 724-430-4119 or visiting the Student Success Center in person.

Are you seeking help for an elementary, middle school, or high school student?

Unfortunately, we do not coordinate such tutoring through our center because our tutors are hired solely to work with current Penn State Fayette students. However, we can advertise your tutoring need to our student body. Email information about the opportunity to Please provide a contact person, email and/or phone number, subject(s) and level of the student, school district/general location, and pay or volunteer information (a rate or the willingness to negotiate a wage). The Learning Center will work with Career Services to advertise the opportunity to our current students. Then, anyone interested can contact you directly.