Senator Leadership and Committee Membership

Senator Leadership and Committee Membership

Senate Leadership

2015-2016 Fayette Faculty Senate Leadership

  • Chair: Kevin Maxwell
  • Chair-Elect: William Gardner
  • Past Chair: Elaine Barry
  • Secretary: Cheryl Tkacs
  • University Senators: Delia Conti, Peter Eberle
  • University College Council Representative: Lindsey Simon-Jones

Senate Committee Chairs

  • Academic and Curricular Affairs: Judy Sturges
  • Student Affairs: Lynn Petko
  • Faculty Affairs: Delia Conti
  • Learning and Technology Resources: Pam Pologruto
  • Outreach: Dave Meredith
  • Awards: Mike Ridenour

2015-2016 Fayette Senate Committee Membership

Academic Affairs

Judy Sturges (Chair), Melissa Miner, Jay Precht, Gib Prettyman, John Riddle, Charles Patrick

Faculty Affairs

Delia Conti (Chair), Elaine Barry, MaryAnn Walters, Don Liddick, Mike Comiskey

Student Affairs

Lynn Petko (Chair), Jo Jankoski, Russ Filburn, Janet Ritenour. Rob Tallerico, Chad Long

Learning/Technological Resources

Pam Pologruto (Chair), Greg Alexander, Claudia Peterson, Cheryl Tkacs, Mary Budinsky


Dave Meredith (Chair), Gina Jones, Joe Segilia

Awards Nominations

Mike Ridenour (Chair), Jim Crawford, Pete Eberle