Student Organizations

Students recruiting for their club.

Extra-curricular and co-curricular activities are a vital part of the educational and developmental process. Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus encourages and supports involvement of students in hopes of broadening and enriching their college experience. Below is a list of officially recognized student clubs and organizations. If you see an organization that you are interested in reach out to a student leader to join today.

Business Club
Promotes and pursues academic and social interest in a variety of business aspects by means of field trips, workshops, and seminars while providing a forum for discussion among students enrolled in the Business program.
Contact: Kenadi Erdely at [email protected]

Christian Club
Motivates students to be aware of the need for a spiritual foundation by organizing and encouraging students to be bold about their faith.
Contact: Kenzie Mowry at [email protected]

Criminal Justice Society (CJS) 
Networks and connects with other students in the administration of justice field while providing workshops and seminars among students enrolled in the CJS program.
Contact: Keyli Portillo at [email protected]

Garden Club
Strengthen students with an opportunity to learn about gardening and where their food comes from. We encourage sustainable habits, a love for gardening, and to give back to the campus community, as well as surrounding communities.
Contact: Nicole Walker at [email protected]

Lion Ambassadors
(University-sponsored) Promotes Penn State University, especially Penn State Fayette, as well as its interests and goals among future, current and past students, and friends of the University through tours and various activities.
Contact: Roger Myers at [email protected]

Makers Club
To promote maker culture on campus and in the community through various group activities that utilize the technology such as 3D printers, Solidworks, Blender, and Virtual Reality and advocate for the advancement of technology.
Contact: Erik Pietrantoni at [email protected]

Physical Therapy Assistants Association (PTAA)
Promotes and pursues academic interest in the Physical Therapist Assistant program by providing education and awareness outside of the classroom.
Contact: Nicole Walker at [email protected]

Pride Alliance Working for Students (PAWS)
Serves as a forum for LGBT+ students and allies to discuss topics about the LGBT+ community and to promote the importance of acceptance and understanding of the community.
Contact: Colby Cain at [email protected]

Student Nurses' Association of Pennsylvania (SNAP)
Networks and connects with other student nurses and professionals across the state of Pennsylvania.
Contact: Priscilla Petitte at [email protected]

Student Activities Committee (SAC)
(University-affiliated) Plans and implements comprehensive educational and social programming for students throughout the year.
Contact: Joshua Simon at [email protected]

Student Government Association (SGA)
The SGA is recognized as the official voice of the student body and is authorized to represent students and their concerns.
Contact: Maria Catalina [email protected]

The Eberly Music Performance Organization (TEMPO)
TEMPO provides a variety of musical experiences for its members and musical entertainment for students and the Penn State Fayette community.
Contact: Joshua Heller at [email protected]

(University-affiliated) A year-long fundraising effort that culminates in a 46-hour dance marathon at University Park to benefit children with cancer. The THON Team is the largest student-run philanthropy in the world.
Contact: Hayley White at [email protected]

Starting a New Student Organization

Interested in starting a student organization, you can start one of your own. Stop by the Office of Student Affairs and one our staff members can help guide you through the process.
Contact: Barry Pawloski, assistant director of Student Affairs at [email protected]
Contact: Chad Long, director of Student Affairs at [email protected]