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Office Directory Listings for Penn State Fayette
Office Phone Location Name
Main # and Campus Closings 724-430-4100
Chancellors Office 724-430-4200 HSE Dr. Charles Patrick, Chancellor/CAO
Academic Affairs 724-430-4140 106A JLW Danielle Mitchell, Associate Director
Admissions 724-430-4130 110B EB Director of Enrollment Management
Advising 724-430-4127 107F JLW Charlene Zengeya, Manager
Alumni Association 724-430-4190 101 HSE Janet Kowalczyk
Athletics 724-430-4280 112 CC Lou Zadecky, Director
Bookstore 724-430-4180 005B JLW Danielle Mihalko, Manager
Business & Finance 724-430-4101 102 JLW Jason Bush, Director
Career Services 724-430-4123 107H JLW , Coordinator
Continuing Education 724-430-4211 201A EB Barbara Koffler, Director
Development Office 724-430-4190 104 HSE Lori Omatick, Director
Financial Aid 724-430-4132 108A JLW Abby Keefer
Fitness Center 724-430-4281 111 CC Stephen Oberly
Health Services 724-430-4137 104 JLW Ronette Poorbaugh
Information Technology Services 724-430-4163 107 EB Jeff Medvec
Learning Center 724-430-4201 107G JLW Mary Budinsky, Coordinator
Library 724-430-4156 104A LIB Emma Beaver, Head Librarian
Maintenance 724-430-4176 122 JLW Eric Laurent
Nursing Program 724-430-4220 214 BIO Melissa Miner, Coordinator
Public Relations 724-430-4157 108B EB Bill Hager
Registrar 724-430-4148 107E JLW Karen Prettyman, Registrar
Police & Public Safety 724-430-4120 121 JLW Scott Williams, Police Officer
Student Services 724-430-4248 016A JLW Chad Long, Manager
Webmaster 724-430-4157 108B EB Bill Hager


Building Key
BIO = Biomedical Building
CC = Community Center
EB = Eberly Building
HSE = University House
JLW = Williams Building
LIB = Library