Staff Senate



We, the exempt, non-exempt, and technical-services staff, as well as part-time employees, of Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus believe that we are an important, integral, essential part of the overall functioning and operation of the campus and that the support we provide students, faculty and administration is vital to the daily campus operation. Therefore, these by-laws are a testament to our resolve to participate in and to contribute to the well-being and decision-making of the campus community. Under the guidance of these by-laws, we are establishing the Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus Staff Senate as an avenue of communication and information gathering and as a forum for discussion, planning and proposing.


The Staff Senate shall consist of all staff members employed at Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, with the exception of the Campus Management Group (CMG). All staff employees will have discussion, proposal, and voting privileges.


The Staff Senate shall elect from its body the following officers: Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary. The Chair shall call meetings, provide members with an agenda, and preside at meetings. The Vice Chair shall assist and substitute for the Chair when necessary. The Secretary shall maintain records of business, minutes of meetings, prepare and distribute the agenda, prepare and distribute ballots, and provide other administrative support. Terms of office for the Chair, Vice Chair, and Secretary shall be one year, beginning September 1 and ending August 31. Officers shall be nominated in July and elected in August. During the month of September, the newly-elected and the outgoing officers shall make the transition so that the new officers take charge on September 1.


Regular meetings of the Staff Senate shall be convened three times per semester, at a time agreed upon by the membership. The day and time of the month shall be determined in September of each year when new officers take their terms. In order for a Senate meeting to be convened, a quorum (one third of the full-time staff membership) must be present.

Agenda Items

Each meeting shall follow an agenda that shall be set by the officers. The agenda shall include time for (1) personal and/or professional announcements (2) discussions concerning human resources and/or physical and environment issues, and (3) motions for action, followed by a vote. In order for the Staff Senate to take action on an issue, a simple majority of the quorum shall vote on the action. Voting may take place electronically if necessary.


Committees shall be formed, when and if needed, to study issues and report findings to the Staff Senate. Committees shall consist of no less than three members, each representing a different segment of the staff composition.