Mary Budinsky working with the NSO students.

Daylong programs orient students to Fayette campus and Penn State

Entire campus gets involved in effort to help new students.
By: Greg Evanina

Before the first day of classes arrives, new college students are required to attend an orientation that helps them prepare for college life. At Penn

State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, new student orientation (NSO) brings out the big brother in the entire staff, whose primary goal is to serve students by smoothing their way and planting the seeds for their success.

During an NSO, attendees move through four student content sessions:

  • Paying for College, which focuses on the Bursar’s and Financial Aid offices
  • Spirit of Academics, which covers expectations associated with college academics and some of the resources available for students to help them excel at Penn State
  • Student Life includes resources, activities, and leadership opportunities
  • Academic Advising, where students are introduced to the advising relationship, its function, and they register for their first semester courses

Once the sessions conclude, students and their families share a meal together in the Student Center. Afterward, a panel of staff members answers questions from attendees about the various services available on campus and throughout the University.

Additionally, while students move through the sessions, Penn State Fayette includes their guests in a Parent/Guest Session. This covers such topics as the role of advising, the mission of Penn State’s curriculum, financial aid/billing, and being a partner in your child/spouse/loved one’s (depending on the guest’s relationship to the student) academic success.

According to Devon White, academic advising manager, NSO is a complete campus effort. “All offices participate in some way to make the experience what it is,” she said, adding that students who feel they have missed NSO should call 724-430-4119 or email [email protected] to inquire about additional orientation opportunities.