Student Organization Program Registration Form

Which category best describes your program?
For example - Swimmer Hall, Eberly 102, etc. Please note, spaces on campus must be reserved in advance. Student Affairs will confirm availability. (For fundraisers - location can simply be, 'all over campus.')
If this is a fundraiser request, list the day/date range you would like the fundraiser to be or anticipate the fundraiser to be (for example: 30 days or October 1 through while supplies last, etc)
Please be as specific as possible. The more details you include about your program request, the better. If this is a fundraiser, include links if applicable. Describe what you will be selling. For complicated or unique requests, the Office of Student Affairs will request a meeting with you to further discuss your event.
Will campus services such as maintenance and technicial equipment be needed for your program?
For example: 3 tables, 10 chairs, 2 microphones, etc... For large scale requests, Student Affairs will request a meeting with you to discuss your event.