Official Embedded Program Application and Commitment Form: Istanbul, Spring 2023

Hagia Sophia

Greetings prospective globe-trotter! I appreciate your interest in participating and applying for the upcoming embedded travel program for PSYCH 230 Psychology of Religion (online), to Istanbul, Turkey in Spring 2023! This program is led by Dr. Aris Karagiorgakis and Dr. Hakan Can.

How do I get enrolled in this class?

In order to participate in this embedded course, you must apply first (see below). If you are selected, you will be contacted, and if still interested, you will be asked to pay a $200 deposit before being manually enrolled in the course. When your deposit is received, an email will be sent to the registrar requesting that you be added to the class (you will be cc’ed on the email).

The dates of the travel experience in Istanbul will be March 4, 2023–March 11, 2023; you will be responsible for purchasing your own flight, with the expectation of arriving by the first day of the program (which is March 4, so you would be flying out March 3) and depart on the last day of the program (departing Saturday morning probably).

Please submit this Application Form by November 25, 2022 to be considered for this course. If approved, you will be contacted to confirm, and then you will be required to pay your program deposit of $200 when prompted to do so, by check to Fayette campus (you will be provided with specific instructions). When the deposit is received, THEN you will be manually enrolled in the 3-credit PSYCH 230 web class. If the deposit is not paid, you will be dropped from the program.

The program fee balance will need to be paid to Fayette campus, in full by December 16 (you will be given specific instructions after your deposit is paid).

Please note that after you pay, you become financially committed to Penn State. The fee is non-refundable, even if you drop the class or cannot participate in the program.

Embedded Course Fee and Tuition

Participation in this travel experience includes a non-refundable embedded program fee of $700 to cover the costs of accommodations, educational experiences, transportation in-country, and a welcome and farewell dinner. This fee does NOT cover airfare, most meals, tuition, spending money, etc.

Lamps at the Grand Bazaar.

The costs and services covered by the embedded program fee include:

  • All overnight accommodations
  • Transportation in Istanbul related to academic programming
  • Fees related to academic experiences and visits
  • 2 dinners
  • Tour guides where appropriate


  • Airfare to/from Istanbul
  • Meals (unless otherwise indicated on the itinerary)
  • Personal expenses
  • Transportation to/from the domestic airport
  • Passport/visa costs
  • Immunizations (if applicable)
  • Course tuition

It is also important to be aware that being enrolled in PSYCH 230 for the Spring 2023 semester may or may not add to a student's cost of tuition depending on their part-time vs. full-time status in the Spring semester. If you are a full-time student enrolled in 12 credits or more for the Spring semester, this 3-credit course will not add additional cost to your tuition because it will be part of your full-time semester tuition. View tuition costs. Tuition costs are NOT included in the embedded program fee.

Funding Opportunities

There are several Penn State Global funding opportunities (pay close attention to the Back to World and the specific Embedded programs scholarships).

Further, the Student Engagement Network also has grants available for study abroad opportunities

Recipients of awards typically receive their funds as they are applied to their student bursar account.

Official Application

Aris Karagiorgakis

By submitting this form below, you are requesting consideration for approval to add this course and participate in the embedded travel experience to Istanbul. You understand and agree, that if accepted, you will be asked to pay the $200 deposit first, BEFORE being manually enrolled into the 3-credit PSYCH 230 web class (you do not need to take further action to be enrolled). You are also committing to pay the full program fee by the deadline when prompted to do so.

Dr. Hakan Can

Please note that after you have paid, you become financially committed to Penn State. The fee is non-refundable, even if you drop the class or cannot participate in the program. Any grant award received will also be returned.

Please complete this application by November 25, 2022. If accepted, you will be contacted to verify your interest and commitment and prompted to pay your deposit. Please let me know if you have any questions. Thank you.

Your program leaders Dr. Aris Karagiorgakis and Dr. Hakan Can.


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