Mining Technology

The Associate of Science degree in Mining Technology (2MNGT_AS) blends basic sciences, mathematics, principles and practices of management, and applied courses in Mining Technology to prepare students for supervisory roles in the Mining industry. Graduates of this major, after serving the required apprenticeship, should be qualified to become certified managers in their field.

High School Requirements for First-Year Students

English Four units, including one each in composition and literature
Social Sciences/Art/Humanities/World Languages 5 units in any combination of social studies, arts, humanities, or world languages/td>
Science Two units
Math 2 units, including 1 unit of algebra and 1 additional unit in mathematics (plane geometry is recommended

Applicants must have graduated from high school or earned a GED to be considered for admission. Applicants with a GED must provide both the GED transcript (from the high school or testing center) and official high school transcript through last year enrolled. (Adult learners only need to provide the GED transcript.)

Additional Requirements for Transfer Students

Transfer students are high school graduates or GED holders who have attempted 18 or more college credits at another institution. In addition to meeting the high school requirements listed above, transfer students must have earned a 2.0 collegiate GPA or higher. No specific college courses are required for transfer admission.

Steps to Apply for Admission

  1. Go to to create a MyPennState account. Once account creation is complete and you have your userID and password, you may continue in MyPennState to complete a Spring 2023 application. You may pause and save your application at any time. DO NOT SUBMIT yet. Note: Providing SAT/ACT scores is currently optional at Penn State. While completing the application, we recommend that you choose NOT to include test scores in your admissions evaluation in order to expedite your review.
  2. While working on your application, email [email protected] using the subject line: MINING Fee Waiver and include your name and userID (NOT password) to request an application fee waiver. This will save you $65.
  3. Penn State Fayette Admissions will respond to your fee waiver request within one business day informing you that your fee has been waived. Once you receive the email confirmation on your fee waiver, you may now return to your MyPennState account and submit your application without having to provide payment. Note: Once you submit, we will manually reset your application to be considered for Fall 2022.
  4. Applicants will also need to submit a Self-Reported Academic Record (SRAR) in order for the application to be reviewed. We recommend the following steps:
    1. Contact your high school and ask them to email or send you an unofficial copy of your transcript, as well as send an official transcript to Penn State Fayette Admissions at the address below.
    2. Using the unofficial copy you receive, log into your MyPennState account to complete the SRAR requirement. You will be entering all the coursework and grading information into the SRAR exactly as it appears on your transcript. For assistance, you may view a step-by-step video outlining how to complete the SRAR at: Note: you must complete the SRAR. Penn State will not accept the transcript in lieu of completing the SRAR. The official transcript is required for Penn State to confirm graduation, but will not be used to complete your academic record.
  5. Transfer applicants ONLY will also need to have official college transcripts sent to Penn State Fayette from each college attended.
  6. Once your application is complete (submitted application and completed SRAR), it will take about a week to evaluate your application and make an admissions decision. Please monitor your MyPennState account for the status of your application.
  7. When you have received an offer of admission, you must accept that offer in order to enroll in the Mining Technology program. You will accept by paying the $230 non-refundable enrollment fee online via your MyPennState account.
  8. After you accept, you will be contacted by the Penn State Fayette Advising office on the process of registering for classes. Please be sure to monitor your email regularly for important messages.

Penn State Fayette
Office of Admissions
2201 University Drive
Lemont Furnace, PA 15456
[email protected]