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What if I'm not ready for a 4-year degree?

The students who are not sure yet about a four-year degree can first get the two-year degree in electrical engineering technology. At that point, they can go into the workforce with a high-paying job, or they can stay around for two more years to complete the four-year degree, or they can actually just take classes part time while working.

What are classes in the EMET program like?

Students in the EMET program learn how to solve practical, real-world problems. They take laboratory classes from the very first semester. Class sizes are very small, and students enjoy a close interaction with their instructors.

What jobs are available to EMET professionals?

There are many high-paying jobs for EMET graduates, many of which are local. Jobs vary from automation and aeronautical industries and automotive to power supply and power generation. There's a wide range of opportunities for graduates from this program.

What is EMET?

EMET combines the basics of electrical and mechanical engineering. Students learn to design mechanical systems and also program the controls to operate those systems.

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