Fayette celebrates class of 2024 at 54th annual spring commencement

Kenadi Erdely delivering her commencement speech.
Credit: Penn State

LEMONT FURNACE, Pa. — Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, celebrated the accomplishments of its 54th graduating class at the annual spring commencement on May 4. The ceremony honored the resilience and achievements of the students who completed their degrees, with many earning special academic distinctions.

The commencement address was delivered by David B. Meredith, emeritus associate professor of engineering.

“A hundred years from now, it will not matter what your bank account was, what house you lived in, or what car you drove. However, the world might be a different place because you learned to say we are. Congratulations on your academic achievements, and I wish you Godspeed and every success as you take the new steps on this great journey we call life,” Meredith said.

This year’s student response was delivered by Kenadi Erdely, graduating summa cum laude with a bachelor of science in business.

“Keep your mind open to the present while sustaining the goals of the future," Erdely said. "I wish for you to embrace those things in life that bring about uncertainty, without forgetting the solidity of you. Reflect on your past, but don’t let yourself die within it. Look to the future, but don’t allow yourself to atrophy in the present. Life can be cruel, and fickle, and wonderful, and exciting, and it will be made all the better by opening it up to each ecstatic experience."

The Veterans of Foreign Wars band performed Penn State's Alma Mater by Fred Lewis Pattee after the ceremony, followed by Patrick officially conferring the degrees and leading the graduates in turning their tassels.

Spring 2024 Candidates for Graduation

Summa Cum Laude

  • Kenadi Erdely

Magna Cum Laude

  • Maria Catalina

  • Olivia Spotto
  • Lyndsi Urani
  • Abigail White

Cum Laude

  • Matthew Heinbaugh

  • Alysha Lessman
  • Sarabeth Miner
  • Sarah Teets

Associate Degree in Business Administration

  • Alexandra Hatter

  • DeVean Reed

Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology

  • Joseph O’Connell

  • Joshua Tabaj

Associate Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Sawyer D’Andrea

  • Luke Herman
  • Lauren Kennedy
  • Kassidy Maline
  • Austin McBeth

Bachelor of Science in Business

  • Avery Berdine

  • Taylor Campbell
  • Maria Catalina
  • Kenadi Erdely
  • Matthew Heinbaugh
  • Jaydra Keefer
  • Shane Leskinen
  • Jacob Mariotti
  • Adam Mucha
  • Nicholas Stanger
  • Lyndsi Urani
  • Michael Wascak
  • Abigail White
  • Hannah Wiltrout
  • Dylan Wingrove

Bachelor of Science in Computer Science

  • Colin Barry

Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication

  • Noelle Bodenheimer

  • Matthew Forbes
  • Ian Palaisa

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

  • Dylan Bohna

  • Keyli Portillo
  • Abby Riggin
  • Stephanie Taylor
  • Sarah Teets

Bachelor of Science in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology

  • Ryan Balentine

  • Joshua Heller
  • Joshua Krause
  • Brandon Myers
  • Roger Myers, Jr.
  • Keith Povlik

Bachelor of Science in Finance

  • Penni Cramer

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies

  • Mary Byers

  • Tyler Miller
  • Olivia Spotto

Bachelor of Arts in Humanities

  • Maria Catalina

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • Annamarie Ball

  • Mackenzie Bergman
  • Abigail Bickerton
  • Austin Brundege
  • Haley Bryner
  • Jonathan Dumond
  • Donata Heckman
  • Makenna Katona
  • Alysha Lessman
  • Aaliyah Lewis
  • Ashlyn Mansberry
  • Sarabeth Miner
  • Virginia Mirandy
  • Autumn Phillips
  • Andrew Ream
  • Gabriella Rivero
  • Laurel Salzman
  • Mya Shawley
  • Brianna Ulery
  • Bethany Umbel
  • Justina Yauger

Bachelor of Science in Project and Supply Chain Management

  • Michael Wascak

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

  • Alesia Campbell

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Chloe Kalp

  • Keyli Portillo
  • Madison Richards
  • Jamie Jo Thorpe

Bachelor of Science in Software Engineering

  • Elyse Elliott