Fayette celebrates class of 2023 at 53rd annual spring commencement

Students being congratulated by faculty during graduation

Penn State Fayette graduates were applauded by the faculty and staff in attendance at the ceremony.  

Credit: Penn State

LEMONT FURNACE, Pa. — Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, celebrated the accomplishments of its 53rd graduating class at the annual spring commencement on May 6. The ceremony honored the resilience and achievements of the students who completed their degrees during challenging times, with many earning special academic distinctions.

“Over the past few years, you not only completed your college degree but you did so during very challenging times of unexpected stress, and adversity. Your strength, resilience and dedication to your education during these times make us very proud of you — Penn State proud,” said Charles Patrick, chancellor and chief academic officer, who proudly recognized the graduates during the ceremony.

The commencement address was delivered by Charles E. Hunnell, who encouraged graduates to use their education as a steppingstone to help others in their profession and community.

“You have each been given a bag of tools, a formless rock and a book of rules, and each must make, ere life is flown, a stumbling block, or a steppingstone. We chose to make steppingstones,” he told the graduates. “Take the steppingstone you make and assist those in your profession and members of your community in realizing those same wonderful life experiences you were fortunate enough to accomplish.”

Lauran Minerd, the student speaker, emphasized the significance of remaining humble and continually learning despite one’s achievements.

“A Penn State degree represents over 150 years of culture and tradition,” Minerd said. “What we achieve is important, but how we let these accomplishments transform us is even more crucial. Stay humble and always be open to learning.”

The VFW band performed Penn State's Alma Mater by Fred Lewis Pattee after the ceremony, followed by Patrick officially conferring the degrees and leading the graduates in turning their tassels.

Spring 2023 Candidates for Graduation

Magna Cum Laude

  • Aubree Bowers
  • Lauran Minerd
  • Hayley White

Cum Laude

  • Joseph O’Connell
  • Joseph Stoner

Associate Degree in Business Administration

  • Brianna Hunt
  • Shane Leskinen *
  • Samantha McGhee

Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology

  • Joseph Stoner +

Associate Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Brandy Donaldson **
  • Jacob Nace **+
  • Caleb Patton **
  • Brian Stinger, Veteran **
  • Cassidy Vansickle **
  • Nicole Walker **+
  • Kelsey Wilkins **

Bachelor of Science in Business

  • Dominic Boring
  • Justen Caughman
  • Jenna Filitsky
  • Kaylee Franks **+
  • Pablo Gudiel *
  • Charles Lowry III +
  • Kyle Ridley
  • Kaitlyn Scripp *+
  • Abrah Stewart *+
  • Jason Thoreson
  • Cade Warrick +

Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communications

  • Madison Ashe
  • Carissa Cyphert
  • Robert McQueen *
  • Joshua Simon

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

  • Savannah Baker *
  • Aubree Bowers +
  • Zyteira Collins
  • Meghan Goodnight
  • Kayla Graham **
  • Lauran Minerd +
  • Jorge Palmas Tenorio
  • Robert Setliff
  • Cassidy Uphold +
  • Zachary Visk
  • Hayley White +

Bachelor of Science in Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology

  • Arlo Helms, Veteran
  • Casey Illian
  • Bryce Mudry
  • Braydon Nitkiewicz
  • Joseph O’Connell +
  • Erik Pietrantoni +
  • Dylan Sance *
  • Joshua Tabaj
  • Salanieta Waqanivalu

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies

  • Karynn Davis
  • Marissa Shipp *+
  • Daniel Spring +
  • Ashley Stangroom +

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • Madelyn Albright +
  • Megan Barron
  • Madalyn Bartholomai
  • Rachel Beaumariage +
  • Nicole Bevard +
  • Abigail Bradley-Rash +
  • Cassidi Butler +
  • Brittany Drew +
  • Taylor Eagle +
  • Kayle Eutsey +
  • Sadie Foster +
  • Virginia Haines +
  • Megan Harkins
  • Brianna Kuhn +
  • Ashley Matheny
  • Taylor McCormick +
  • Hanna Miller +
  • Martha Patterson
  • Priscilla Petitte
  • Josue Phillips +
  • Brooke Poling +
  • Kalianna Rager +
  • Megan Roche +
  • Shaelyn Shipley
  • Lauren Showman *
  • Michael Standish +
  • Joshua Sterbutzel +
  • Tristin Szabo +
  • Haylee Williams +
  • Benjamin Witt +
  • Torren Yauger

Bachelor of Science in Project and Supply Chain Management

  • Dominic Boring
  • Mason Nickelson
  • Kaitlyn Scripp *+
  • Abrah Stewart *+

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Christopher Chesebrough
  • Danielle Lewis
  • John Loughrie
  • Kerstin Nutt +
  • Madison Williams +

Penn State Fayette is known for its exceptional education and rigorous training, providing graduates with the skills and knowledge required to excel in their careers while offering affordable options. As evidence of the program's quality, many of these graduates have already secured job offers in their respective fields.

Armed with a solid foundation from Penn State Fayette's programs, these new professionals are set to make a substantial impact in their industries and enhance the lives of countless individuals in their communities.

For more information about programs offered at Penn State Fayette, visit fayette.psu.edu or call 724-430-4130 to schedule a campus visit today.

+ Pi Sigma Phi honor society
* Fall 2022 graduate
** Summer 2023 graduate