Penn State Fayette holds 2024 Pi Sigma Phi induction ceremony

Academic honor society welcomes new members
Kati Porter surrounded by Pi Sigma Phi Inductees.

Kati Porter surrounded by Pi Sigma Phi Inductees.

Credit: Penn State

LEMONT FURNACE, Pa. — Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, inducted new students into Pi Sigma Phi, the campus honor society, in a ceremony attended by friends and family on April 13.

Eligible students earned a grade-point average of at least 3.50 and completed at least 30 credits of coursework. Founded in 1987, Pi Sigma Phi promotes and encourages higher standards of learning and high scholastic attainment.

“College is tough,” said Kati Porter, associate teaching professor of biology and this year’s chosen speaker. “The ways in which we, your professors, push you and set high expectations is meant to prepare you for the next step. It’s stressful and heavy; you are sons or daughters, brothers or sisters, employees, pet owners, volunteers, leaders, cooks, crafters, YouTubers, multitasking extraordinaires! In this moment, you are the authors of your own stories with many chapters yet to be written.”

“Here’s the thing, life isn’t just about homework and exam scores or lab coats. It’s about stepping outside of your comfort zone and embracing the unexpected adventures. It’s about learning who you are as a human,” Porter said. “So, take a leap and do something daring. Something you’ve always wanted to do. Get that tattoo you’ve wanted. Or book that trip and explore a new place. Or just talk to someone new on campus or in the community. Adventure and embrace your uniqueness. You can be who you are and do great things as amazing professionals. Go into these next few years with pride and determination as you write your story.

“For today, take a deep breath. I’m a physiologist and could lecture you on how that will activate the vagus nerve and shift your nervous system into relaxation,” she joked with the inductees.

“Congratulations on your current accomplishment. I speak for all the faculty here at Penn State Fayette when I say that I’m proud of you," she concluded. "You’ve earned this and will do great things in the future.”

2024 Pi Sigma Phi Inductees

Animal Science

  • Kyler Theodori


  • Kylee Kurnot
  • Alex Sarver


  • Morgan Amoroso
  • Grace Cline
  • Jake DeOre
  • Journey Greer
  • Noah Matthews
  • John Martray
  • Dylan Pawlak
  • Michael Wascak

Civil Engineering

  • Chase Malanosky

Corporate Communications

  • Sophie Machesky

Criminal Justice

  • Noah Harvey
  • Lukas Joseph

Division of Undergraduate Studies

  • William Bentz

Electro-Mechanical Engineering Technology

  • Scott Herman
  • Samuel Toso

Labor and Human Services

  • Jordan Hiles

Mechanical Engineering

  • Cayden Conn


  • Taylor Bergman
  • Johnathan Cordova
  • Madelyn Edwards
  • Summer Hawk
  • Abigail Hixson
  • Fiona Hughes
  • Leah Hutchinson
  • Nathan Jenkins
  • Sidney Livingston
  • Alexis Mosier
  • Karli Myers
  • Cassandra Nickelson
  • Connor Pounds
  • Brenna Ross
  • Aurora Rutkowski
  • Katie Shinkle
  • Lauren Sparks

Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Kassidy Maline

Project and Supply Chain Management

  • Grace Cline
  • Michael Wascak


  • Sarah Bielawski
  • Emma Eckert
  • Tessa Lynn
  • Caleigh McLay
  • Kaitlyn Stewart
  • Skylar Wilson

Supply Chain and Information Systems

  • Braeden McKnight

For more photos from this year's Pi Sigma Phi induction ceremony, visit Penn State Fayette on Flickr.