Penn State Fayette holds spring 2019 commencement

A 2019 Penn State Fayette graduate's cap reads "Be the beacon of light in someone's darkness."

Penn State Fayette's spring 2019 commencement ceremony was held on May 4.

Credit: Penn State Fayette

LEMONT FURNACE, Pa. — Charles Patrick, chancellor and chief academic officer of Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, conferred academic degrees on 119 candidates for graduation during Fayette's 49th commencement ceremony on May 4 in the campus Community Center. The event’s honored speaker was Gina Watts.

For 10 years, Watts served as a full-time faculty member at Penn State Fayette, in the human development and family studies program. In 2017, she become the first youth development director of the John Maxwell Team, leading the launch of the Global Youth Initiative, which has hosted 650,000 youth at free leadership development events in more than 60 countries around the world.

“Whether you are in default mode, unsure of what your next steps, or in design mode, confident in your plans for the future—I want to challenge you,” said Watts. “Never stop working. Never stop learning. Never stop growing. Never stop pursuing. Never stop serving. How much more could we accomplish, how much time would not be wasted, if we were more intentional about our lives and finding our purpose?”

Since 2001, Watts has served as a leader on more than 20 boards and developed three nonprofit organizations. She tours local schools and youth groups to help young students identify their personal and professional goals, serves as deputy director for the Mercy and Justice Ministry at Vineyard Columbus, and manages the Lillian’s Legacy Scholarship Fund at the Community Foundation of Fayette County.

“Whether it’s a big change or a small change, change is going to happen in your life. Don’t be afraid. Or if you are afraid, embrace it and turn it into the energy you need to manage the transition,” said Watts. “Take risks. Embrace change. Navigate the transitions. And if you can’t do those things, by all means necessary, serve.”

The Albert Gallatin High School Army Junior R.O.T.C. gave the presentation of the colors, and the National Anthem was performed by the V.F.W. Post 8543 Band. Janet Ritenour, lecturer of nursing, served as commencement marshal.

Samantha Long, recipient of a bachelor of science degree in Psychology, gave the student response. Long graduated summa cum laude at the top 2 percent of her class.

“The professors, faculty and staff at Penn State Fayette have helped shape us into the people we were meant to become. Penn State Fayette has prepared me in more ways than I can say,” said Long. “Be proud of yourself. Be proud of who you are and what you've accomplished because this, right here, is a huge accomplishment.”

To view and download photos from the 2019 Commencement Ceremony, visit the Penn State Fayette Flickr album. 

The following candidates for graduation, by degree, participated in Penn State Fayette’s commencement ceremony:


Associate Degree in Business Administration

  • Gonzalez, Keara
  • Wilson, Kaitlyn

Bachelor of Science Degree in Business Administration

  • Belovich, Kaylee
  • Bryson, Crystal
  • Bukovac, Ashley
  • Conti, Robert
  • Henry, Tyler
  • Huhn, Lyndsey
  • Jones, Marissa
  • Kiggins, Joann (Veteran)
  • Kline, Hannah
  • Maurin, Cody
  • Miller, Laura
  • Moussignac, Stanley
  • Ostrowski, Amanda
  • Porupski, Ryan
  • Potter, Russell
  • Pratt, Jordan
  • Rockwell, Justin
  • Ruda, Evan
  • Sheranko, Rebecca
  • Sidon, Marvin
  • Volosin, Shelly
  • Yothers, Colin

Associate Degree in Electrical Engineering Technology 

  • Addis, Jaryn
  • Bohna, Jacob
  • Jarrett, Hunter
  • Ludrosky, Michael
  • Nolan, Matt
  • Radvansky, Jeffrey
  • Silbaugh, Eric
  • Wellington, Cory

Bachelor of Science in Computer Engineering

  • Bevard, Robert

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies

  • Barber, Sarah
  • Brant, Meeghan
  • Byers, Josetta
  • Groover, Nicholas
  • Harosky, Christopher
  • Lawrence, Mackenzie
  • Medvec, Jerrica
  • Nickle, Bryan
  • Peebles, Tyler
  • Riley, Tanner
  • Rusi, Niyonkuru

Associate degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences

  • Sparks, Tristan
  • Zaksek, RaeLynn

Associate Degree in Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Dues, Jamar
  • Grimm, Shelby
  • Hollingworth, J’mier
  • Hughes, Joshua
  • Morgan, Nicholas
  • Plachta, Trevor
  • Thomas, Derek (Veteran)

Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice

  • Guseman, William
  • Hepler, Emma
  • Muirhead, Skylar

Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice

  • Durst, Robert
  • Fischer, Misty
  • Lynch, Gunnar
  • Spiker, Brianne
  • Tabacsko, Lucas

Bachelor of Arts in Corporate Communication

  • Bixler, Austin

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • Adamrovich, Lynn
  • Anderson, Sarah
  • Blystone, Erica
  • Bonus, Kayla
  • Burncheck, Kara
  • Carnes, Nicole
  • David, Kayla
  • Debolt, Emily
  • Dreistadt, Hannah
  • Federer, Cassandra
  • Grimm, Cody
  • Grimm, Terry
  • Guard, Katherine
  • Harper, Tracy
  • Howell, Taylor
  • Johns, Savannah
  • Johnson, Brittany
  • Johnson, Kaitlyn
  • Kuykendall, Taylor
  • Legarth, Christina
  • Lembo, Nicole
  • Lynn, Miranda
  • Mascioli, Corin
  • McNeish, Christian
  • Miller, Heather
  • Mitchell, Laura
  • Morton, Austin
  • Nedley, Kristin
  • Orndorff, Alyssa
  • Peck, Haley
  • Petrush, Cheryl
  • Ponek-Foreman, Kelley
  • Repsher, Tina
  • Rummell, Brennan
  • Rusch, Maura
  • Shondelmyer, Megan
  • Show, Donna
  • Siba, Alexandria
  • Solis, Myra
  • Stremp, Brittney
  • Templeton, Tiffany
  • Thompson, Amber
  • Umbel, Erica
  • Vitez, Robinette
  • Volansky, Summer
  • Wade, Abigail
  • Weaver, Michelle
  • Wesolowsky, Geriann
  • Williams, Holly
  • Yanosky, Angela
  • Zipnock, Jonnee

Bachelor of Science in Project and Supply Chain Management

  • Miltenberger, Peggy

Bachelor of Arts in Psychology

  • King, Brittany
  • Lackey, Kaitlyn

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Hrimnock, Brooke
  • Long, Samantha
  • McCarty, Katherine