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Scholarships/Awards are based on academic achievement or some other accomplishment from the student/applicant’s record. Scholarships and Awards are awarded from Penn State institution funds and typically do not need to be paid back. There are several sources for scholarships and awards:

  1. University Awards—when students apply for admission, regardless of campus or college, they will be considered for the Provost Award and/or Chancellor Award. There is no separate Provost/Chancellor Award application. Recipients will be notified separately from their admissions decision.

  2. Campus Awards—each Penn State campus awards scholarships to the incoming (new) and continuing (returning) students at that campus. Campus awards are valid only at the campus which makes the award and typically are not transferable to other Penn State campuses.

    Each year, Penn State Fayette offers nearly half a million dollars in campus scholarships to new and returning students who meet certain GPA and/or SAT requirements. Typically, Fayette campus scholarships have averaged $2,500/year in addition to any other university merit or need-based aid awarded. In addition to general campus scholarships, Penn State Fayette offers scholarships for specific groups of students including:

    1. Penn State Fayette University College (not Smeal) Business Students
    2. Penn State Fayette Nursing Students
    3. Residents of Fayette County attending Penn State Fayette
    4. Students Transferring to Penn State Fayette from other institutions
    5. Students who bring a unique background and add to the Penn State Fayette community

  3. College Scholarships—many of the academic colleges at Penn State offer scholarships specifically to the students studying within that college. These scholarships tend to be for upper-class students (second, third, or fourth year students) and many require students to complete a separate scholarship application.

  4. Schreyer Honors College—the Schreyer Honors College awards scholarships to students who are admitted to the Schreyer Honors Program. There is a separate application process to be considered for the Honors Program that should be completed at the same time you apply for admission to Penn State. Students of any campus can be admitted to the Schreyer Honors College.

Annual Scholar-Donor Dinner

At Penn State Fayette, recipients of campus scholarships are invited to attend the annual Scholar-Donor Dinner which takes place early in the fall semester. This event pairs scholarship recipients with scholarship donors at a formal dinner to create a sense of community, build relationships, and provide networking opportunities. Scholarship recipients have the ability to meet the patron who has helped to make their education possible; scholarship donors are able to meet the students their scholarship contributions have directly assisted. If selected for a campus-based scholarship, you will receive an invitation to the Scholar-Donor Dinner early in the fall semester.

Athletic Scholarships

As a member of the PSUAC and USCAA athletic conferences, Penn State Fayette is prohibited from awarding scholarships based on athletic talent or ability.

Prospective and current athletes who meet selection criteria for university and/or campus scholarships can be awarded scholarships based on academic or other non-athletic criteria. Prospective and current Penn State Fayette athletes are considered for university and campus based scholarships using the same process that considers non-athletes for scholarships. Penn State Fayette is prohibited from making special exceptions for athletes.