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Bachelor of Science in Business

Bachelor of Science in Business

The bachelor of science degree combines core business fundamentals in areas such as management, marketing, and accounting with applied studies in problem-solving, communication, and internships in real business settings. Team-learning and a state-of-the-art technological focus are some of the unique program emphases. Choose from management and marketing or individualized options.

Business owners and corporate executives realize there's a big difference between book-smarts and the sometimes hard-edged reality of the day-to-day work world. They also know that recent business school graduates often need a few months of training before they are truly productive in their new jobs, as most aren't prepared to navigate the culture, politics, and personalities that inevitably come with organizational life.

A Real-World Focus

Penn State's bachelor of science in Business degree program was created specifically to address these gaps in business education. With a strong focus on practical skills and real-world experience, its graduates enjoy distinct advantages as they begin their careers—advantages that lay the groundwork for a lifetime of success.

The BSB provides general business preparation by combining core business fundamentals such as management, marketing, finance, and logistics with applied studies and internships in practical, real-world settings. Small classes, a focus on active and collaborative student-centered learning, and a high degree of faculty/student interaction are some of the unique program emphases. Courses are similarly cutting-edge: The BSB is one of a select group of business programs nationwide to require a course in interpersonal skills and negotiation, and its strong technological focus means graduates are well versed in communication tools, including the internet, e-mail, conferencing software, and presentation software.

The BSB program is suitable for a wide range of students, including recent high school graduates, returning adult students, and transfer students from other colleges and universities. It's also an excellent option for students wishing to stay close to home but interested in the prestige of a Penn State degree.

Program Options

Beyond fundamentals of core business areas—notably management, marketing, accounting, finance, and logistics—the program at Penn State Fayette allows students to choose from one of these three concentrations:


Accounting focuses on the development and interpretation of financial information critical to managerial decision-making. This option prepares students to pursue careers in business with an emphasis on the areas of financial and managerial accounting, systems and controls, auditing, and taxation. The Accounting option prepares students for a wide range of careers, including corporate controller, treasurer, budget director, auditor, tax planner, and consultant. The Accounting option provides students with a foundation in intermediate accounting, managerial accounting, taxation, information systems, and auditing.

Management and Marketing

This option prepares students to pursue careers in business organizations with an emphasis on the skills and knowledge necessary for the business professional to function in community and regional centers of commerce. The Management and Marketing option’s dual emphasis allows students to select courses in both disciplines as a foundation for leading small businesses or units of large organizations. Courses in the option include human resource management, leadership, international management, retailing, global marketing, market research, communications, and ethics.

Individualized Business

This option provides the opportunity for students to pursue an approved business-focused interdisciplinary program of study. Students pursuing the Individualized option have paired business with information sciences and technology, hotel and restaurant management, professional writing, and other coursework to pursue studies focused on their unique interests and/or career plans.

Program Advantages

Because the BSB was designed in partnership with leaders from business and non-profit sectors, its focus is current, market-sensitive, and innovative. In creating the degree, Penn State faculty and curriculum experts extensively surveyed executives from across the state. The goal: to learn which qualities and expertise, such as communication skills and the ability to manage conflict, are lacking in many of today's business school graduates.


The BSB program was designed to address these issues, and thus gives you the opportunity to:

  • Learn practical skills such as team-building collaboration.
  • Learn core business essentials such as accounting, finance, and marketing from award-winning Penn State faculty.
  • Gain on-the-job experience through internships and work with local organizations, small businesses, and nonprofits.
  • Work in teams, manage projects, learn how to give oral and electronic presentations, and lead groups.
  • Learn how to manage time, creatively and constructively solve problems, improve productivity, and better serve the customer.
  • Develop the strong written and oral communication and technological skills necessary to compete effectively in today's workforce.

Through a series of new, fast-paced courses, students also create a personal portfolio that includes a combination of oral, written, and electronic presentations they can later use during their job search. A senior project, internships, and independent study with area businesses also broaden your understanding of the connection between the classroom and the workplace.