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Project and Supply Chain Management

Project and Supply Chain Management

The Bachelor of Science in Project and Supply Chain Management

It’s been estimated that well over half of all activities undertaken in modern corporations are project-based. From developing new products to constructing new facilities, the list of projects that must be planned, executed, and overseen is nearly endless.

At the same time, the continuing globalization of business functions creates a growing need for people who can effectively manage supply chains, Whether they are acquiring raw materials or distributing finished products, supply chain managers are critical to organizational success.

Why Major in Project and Supply Chain Management?

The Project and Supply Chain Management (PSCM) major concentrates on developing knowledge, skills, and abilities in both project and supply chain management, dynamic and important disciplines in modern corporations. Project management skills include the development of new projects and coordinating procurement and project delivery systems. Supply chain management emphasizes the integration of manufacturing and service operations, logistics, purchasing, and distribution that enable organizations to develop value-creating supply chain networks. The PCSM major provides students with an opportunity to develop the quantitative and people skills necessary to design and operate today’s complex management systems. Students learn how to manage critical components in organizational supply chains and apply business analytic methods for organizing and fully integrating supply chain practices throughout the organization.

*Penn State Fayette, along with Penn State Beaver, Greater Allegheny, New Kensington, and Shenango, share authorization to deliver the B.S. in Project and Supply Chain Management. All courses needed for the degree will be offered at each campus. Students in the program should expect to take some courses via a combination of web-based and face-to-face technology.