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Current Projects

Current Projects

The Penn State Fayette Emergency Assistance Fund (ABFAY): The Fayette Emergency Assistance Fund provides the financial help students need to weather the worst of times. From helping with books to covering partial tuition, support from this fund helps to ensure that every student has the same chance at success—no matter life's difficulties.

The Penn State Fayette General Scholarship Account (SBFGN): Gifts designated to the general scholarship account at Penn State Fayette help to support all students with financial need at the campus. The General Scholarship account has no restrictions and can be given to any student, in any major, at any time in their collegiate experience.

The Penn State Fayette Trustee Scholarship (SBFTS): Our Trustee Scholarship endowment benefits students from low-income households, many of whom are the first generation in their family to attend college, and helps to keep a Penn State education accessible to all. The Trustee Scholarship endowment will have its average payout matched, in perpetuity, from the University.  

The Penn State Fayette Future Fund (XBFFF): This fund serves as a flexible resource for our chancellor to use in responding quickly to meet Penn State Fayette’s most pressing needs. It also acts as seed money to launch new academic or enrichment programs.

Coal and Coke Heritage Center (XBFCC): Penn State Fayette is very fortunate to have this unique facility located on campus. This museum celebrates our rich cultural and industrial heritage. Donations will go directly to assist with the center’s operational costs.

Penn State Fayette Athletics (XBFPD): Our intercollegiate athletic program now consists of eight teams, including baseball, softball, basketball, volleyball, golf, and cross country. Your gift to Athletics will go a long way to support these programs.

If you would like to support or donate to any of the above-listed scholarships or programs, please follow this link: Online Giving.