Penn State Fayette holds spring 2022 commencement

A graduation cap reads Be The Change You Wish to See
Credit: Penn State

LEMONT FURNACE, Pa. — Charles Patrick, chancellor and chief academic officer of Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, conferred academic degrees on 107 candidates for graduation during the 52nd commencement ceremony on May 7 in the campus Community Center.

The event’s honored speaker was Renata S. Engel, Penn State’s vice provost for online education. Engel completed two years of her education at Penn State Fayette before graduating with a bachelor of science degree in engineering science from University Park. She holds a doctorate in engineering mechanics from the University of South Florida. Engel is a fellow of the American Society for Engineering Education and the recipient of several national and university teaching awards. In 2001, Engel was recognized as an Outstanding Alumna of Penn State Fayette.

In her address to the class of 2022, Engel said, “I had no idea what awaited me when I left Penn State Fayette, what opportunities would present themselves, and which ones I would latch onto after I graduated. But what I did know was that this campus had invested in me, and that I had knowledge, understanding, and skills that I did not have when I began. And for that, I am grateful.

“Impact is sometimes elusive to identify, but it is the ripple effect. It’s what connects us to each other, and generation to generation. My commencement wish for you is that you live your life never underestimating the impact that you may have on someone else’s life.”

Graduates who have completed the required number of credits at the University and who are in the top 6% of their graduating class were given Cum Laude distinction, including: Kristina Aeschbacher, Abigail Bennington, Steven Fabian, Emily Franks, Gwyneth Komula, Haley Miller, Travis Pettit, and Alan VanSickle.

Komula, who received a bachelor of science in nursing, gave the student response.

“We might very well be the most unique class to ever graduate from Penn State Fayette because we experienced the hardest years of our academic lives in the midst of a worldwide pandemic that radically altered our lives,” she said. “If there is anything members of this graduating class have learned, it is that we can learn and excel and succeed even during times of crisis.”

A full gallery of photos from the event is available to view and download on Flickr.

The following candidates for graduation, by degree, participated in Penn State Fayette’s commencement ceremony:

Bachelor of Arts in Administration of Justice

  • Matthew Morgan

Bachelor of Science in Administration of Justice

  • Miranda Shepler

Associate degree in Business Administration

  • Kaylee Franks
  • Nicholas Fronczek
  • Dale Martin
  • Wyatt Rishel
  • Marcus Tansmore

Bachelor of Science in Business

  • Abigail Bennington
  • Ryan Blair
  • Drew Erdman
  • Devan Flanders
  • Maurice Freeman
  • Lincoln Gula
  • Morgan Harford
  • Thomas Harvey
  • Hunter Latkanich
  • Alec McLay
  • Tavian Mozie
  • Travis Pettit
  • Christopher Rendulic
  • Anthony Sambuchini
  • Philip Savini
  • Theodore Speeney
  • Jacob Stefanick
  • Alan VanSickle
  • Robert Wolfson

Bachelor of Arts in Communications

  • James Plez

Bachelor of Science in Criminal Justice

  • Kristina Aeschbacher
  • Kelsey Holp
  • Lauren Mastowski
  • Haley Miller
  • JTaya Pirl
  • Hayden Rhodes
  • Hailie Rusko
  • Danielle Whittaker

Associate degree in Electrical Engineering Technology

  • Keith Povlik

Bachelor of Science in Electro-mechanical Engineering Technology

  • Bradley Adams
  • Kayla Barbabella
  • Steven Fabian
  • Ralph Fisher, Veteran
  • Tanner Hauger
  • Jesse Linders-Heck
  • Ian Megela
  • Mitchell Minda
  • Drew Nickelson
  • Vincent Patula
  • Bradley Poling
  • Kenneth Seliga
  • Jonathan Taylor
  • Lacy Zitney

Bachelor of Science in Human Development and Family Studies

  • Cassandra Blystone
  • Julie Conn
  • Emily Franks
  • Jennifer Kelley
  • Joelle Rosky
  • Ahrean Saunders

Associate degree in Letters, Arts, and Sciences

  • Troy Miller
  • Kaleb Scott

Bachelor of Science in Nursing

  • Amber Adams
  • Mary Allison
  • Jadyn Barnish
  • Bailey Conaway
  • Haley Costello
  • Megan Crawford
  • Alaina Cubbage
  • Julie Dimatteo
  • Cassie Fisher
  • Maria Gresh
  • Taylor Howser
  • Hillary Humbertson
  • Gwyneth Komula
  • Olivia Lewis
  • Haleigh Lindsay
  • Brandi Lowry
  • Emily McClaren
  • Anna Poorbaugh
  • Hayley Riba
  • Kirstin Rozell
  • Brianna Sanner
  • Emma Shenal
  • Hailey Siba
  • Brittany Silbaugh
  • Mary Stephenson
  • Preslie Stoken
  • Chelsey Taylor
  • Anastasia Tobin
  • Allex Tressler
  • Evan Voyten
  • Kalsie Walker
  • Madison Yezek
  • Gabrielle Yourish
  • Gillian Yourish

Associate degree in Physical Therapist Assistant

  • Colton Bittner
  • Joseph Roy
  • Hunter Sapp
  • Morgan Sherbondy
  • Vanessa Simon
  • Ly Thanh
  • Drew Yauger

Bachelor of Science in Project and Supply Chain Management

  • Tanner Schwartz

Bachelor of Art in Psychology

  • Taylor Speeney

Bachelor of Science in Psychology

  • Holly Chapman
  • Sarah Franks
  • Adriana Gebe
  • Taylor Smith
  • Blake Victor