Penn State Fayette celebrates student research projects at Spring Learning Fair

Penn State Fayette's Spring 2023 Learning Fair
Credit: Penn State

LEMONT FURNACE, Pa. — Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus has announced the winners of its spring Learning Fair, a campus-wide event that showcases the most innovative and creative projects from students across various disciplines. This year's winners include a diverse range of undergraduate research and class projects, which highlight the ingenuity and hard work of Penn State Fayette's student body.

Undergraduate Research Category Winners

First Place: Olivia Spotto for her research on "Sexual Identity Discrimination in College Students," under the guidance of Faculty Mentor Dr. Barry.

Second Place: Savannah Cumer, Ethan Mates, Savannah Shirley, and Ty Thanh for their project on "Novel Reaction Products from Claisen-Schmidt Condensation of Vanillin Analogs," under the guidance of Faculty Mentor Dr. Warrier.

Third Place: Erik Pietrantoni for his work on "Material Property and Analysis of 3D Printed Materials," under the guidance of Faculty Mentor Dr. Angle.

Class Project Category Winners

First Place (Tie): Colby Cain for her project on "The Lush Corporation and Corporate Social Responsibility," under the guidance of Faculty Mentor Dr. Kaplan.

First Place (Tie): Noah Fike and Garrett Poland for their project on "The Battle of the Guitar Effects Pedals," under the guidance of Faculty Mentor Dr. Milasi.

Second Place: Annamarie Ball for her work on "A Comparison of Breastfeeding vs. Formula Feeding and Development of Postpartum Depression," under the guidance of Faculty Mentor Dr. Miner.

Third Place: Abigail Bickerton for her project on "The Effects of Prenatal Caffeine Intake on Offspring Development," under the guidance of Faculty Mentor Dr. Miner.

Penn State Fayette congratulates all the winners and participants for their outstanding achievements and commitment to excellence. The Learning Fair serves as an excellent platform for students to share their ideas, findings, and creativity with the campus community, fostering a culture of collaboration and intellectual growth.

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