Students participate summer mentorship program at Fayette LaunchBox

Participants of the mentorship program pose on stage for a photo.

(Pictured left to right) W. Charles Patrick, Jonathan Gaynor, Jamie Walters, Alex Vay, Todd Bruzda, Barbara Koffler, Alexander Hostetler, and Rachel Kaplan

Credit: Penn State

LEMONT FURNACE, Pa. — Five students from Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus, have been selected to participate in the summer mentorship program at the Fayette LaunchBox. This initiative, part of the Invent Penn State effort to promote entrepreneurship across Pennsylvania, is supported by a collaboration with the Fay-Penn Economic Development Council.

Alexander Hostetler, Jamie Walters, Alex Vay, Jonathan Gaynor, and Todd Bruzda will be developing unique business concepts over the next six weeks.

Each participant is tasked with crafting a comprehensive business plan that includes a detailed market analysis using the SWOT framework, defining their unique selling points, and demonstrating how their product or service will enhance consumer lives. They will also draft a preliminary marketing plan focusing on product, price, promotion, and placement, and prepare an "investor ready" video pitch.

The program also includes educational workshops covering topics like intellectual property and crowdfunding. These sessions are designed to equip the young entrepreneurs with the necessary skills and knowledge to succeed.

Research and development efforts will be documented through weekly journals, recording hours, activities, outcomes, and challenges faced. The students are required to commit eight hours per week to this project, with flexibility to accommodate existing work or internship schedules.

The mentorship culminates in a project review on June 10, where each participant will showcase their progress and receive professional feedback.