Penn State Fayette 2018 Spring Learning Fair winners

2018 Spring Learning Fair Winners

Spring 2018 Learning Fair winners at Penn State Fayette.

Credit: Penn State Fayette

LEMONT FURNACE, Pa. — Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus held the Spring 2018 Learning Fair on April 26 at the campus library to showcase and award undergraduate research and class projects.

A record 121 students displayed visual presentations of 31 research projects and 24 class projects completed under the guidance of faculty advisers over the course of the spring semester. Each project examined topics in relation to courses in integrative arts, psychology, human development and family studies, marketing, theater and humanities.

“Participating in research provides students with a hands-on learning experience guided by faculty mentors,” said Mary Budinski, Learning Center coordinator. “The interest in undergraduate research has grown significantly at Penn State Fayette over the past couple of years, and this semester's Learning Fair is a reflection of that.”

Undergraduate Research Awards

  • First Place, “If You Do the Crime, Do You Do the Right Time? Race and How it Affects Sentencing," Jordan Blair & Nicholas Ohler (Course: PSYCH 301, Instructor: Aris Karagiorgakis)
  • Second Place, “Freeganism: A Small Step to Reducing Food Insecurity?" Michelle Yezek (Course: STS 105, Instructor: Gib Prettyman
  • Third Place, “Prohibition and Children Mortality Rates in Fayette County," Lauren Esteban (Course: HIST 494, Instructors: Jay Precht

Class Project Awards

  • First Place, “Carbon Dating," Eric Blaszczak (Course: MATH 110, Instructor: Kevin Maxwell
  • Second Place (TIE), “School Lunch Waste: How to Eliminate It,” Gabriella Munson (Course: STS 105, Instructor: Gib Prettyman
  • Second Place (TIE), “Food=Trash + Thermodynamics," Luke Hess, Dennis Jacobs, Blake Kosor, Nick Krofcheck, Brian McKnight, Eric McThane, Nate Nedrow, Adam Podlaszewski, John Fedorek, Lucas Baranski, Nick Harvey & Trevor Barry (Course: ME 300, Instructor: David Meredith
  • Third Place (TIE), “History of Calculus," Marvin Sidon & Jordan Pratt (Course: MATH 110, Instructor: Kevin Maxwell
  • Third Place (TIE), “Corporate Communication," Jenna Fleming, Brianna Harr, Paige Malenock, Thomas Bohan & Crystal Bryson (Course: MGMT 433, Instructor: William Gardner)