Penn State Fayette announces Fall Learning Fair winners

LEMONT FURNACE, Pa. — Penn State Fayette, The Eberly Campus has announced the winners of the Fall 2021 Learning Fair. The event was held Dec. 8 in the campus library.

Students presented class projects and undergraduate research projects completed under the guidance of faculty advisers over the course of the fall semester. A panel of faculty, staff and guest judges reviewed class projects, and faculty judges reviewed undergraduate research entries in their respective disciplines.

“It was great to be in-person again and see some new faces there as well,” said Brandy Burke, administrative support assistant in the Student Success Center, who helped to coordinate the Fall Learning Fair. “Thank you to the Penn State Fayette community; our librarian, Emma Beaver; and the students, most importantly.”

Undergraduate Research Awards

First place: Maggi Bubonovich for “Katsina: The Appropriation and Commodification of Hopi Culture,” completed under the direction of Jay Precht (HIST 153H, Native American Studies).

Second place: Adriana Gebe for “How Does Perceived Sense of Control Impact Students’ Stress and Academic Performance,” completed under the mentorship of Aris Karagiorgakis (PSYCH 490, Senior Seminar in Psychology).

Third place: Zachary Diamond for “Solutions to the Schrodinger Equation,” completed under the mentorship of Andrew Royston (PHYS 212, Electricity and Magnetism).

Class Project Awards

First place: Chloe Kalp, Ethan Mates, Kenzie Mowry and Ty Thanh for “How is Pest Control Bad for Bee Populations,” completed under the mentorship of Carol Evans (BIOL 110, Biology-Basic Concepts and Biodiversity).

Second place: Julie Conn and Marissa Shipp for “New Program for Postpartum Depression,” completed under the mentorship of Maureen Ittig (HDFS 455, Development and Administration of Human Service Programs).

Third place: Ethan Mates for “The Arts in Higher Education,” completed under the mentorship of Lindsey Simon-Jones (ENGL 30H, Honors Rhetoric and Composition).