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Careers and Internships in Human Development and Family Studies A.S.

Careers and Internships in Human Development and Family Studies A.S.

Career Opportunities

The nation's elderly population is growing rapidly, families are changing in ways previously unknown, and our knowledge of child development is greater than ever before. Because of these trends, the demand for HD FS graduates is strong. According to the Occupational Handbook published by the U.S. Department of Labor, social and human service assistants is one of the 30 fastest-growing occupations for the years 2006-2016. Also on this list are marriage and family therapists, mental health counselors, mental health and substance abuse social workers, substance abuse and behavioral disorder counselors, and home health aides. The HD FS degree helps to prepare individuals for these employment opportunities and many more.

To view the U.S. Department of Labor’s Bureau of Labor Statistics Occupational Outlook Handbook, visit the Web site at

The Pennsylvania State Civil Service Web site is a very good site to learn about salaries, search jobs and careers, and find job opportunities. You can also find out about times and dates of state civil service exams, and how to make an appointment to take the exam. Lastly, you can learn where employment opportunities are most readily available in the local and surrounding areas.

Pennsylvania State Civil Service

Potential job titles for graduates

  • Counseling or administrative positions in hospitals and community mental health centers, facilities for the mentally retarded and developmentally disabled, and public welfare offices.
  • Working in agencies providing adult or child day care, group meals, or crisis intervention.
  • Counseling and supervisory positions in group homes and halfway houses, women's resource centers, human relations programs, clinics, and private psychiatric hospitals, and more.
  • Working for employers in the development of personnel policies and employee assistance programs in business and industry.
  • Working as an entrepreneur, self-employed as a child-care provider or other work-settings.
  • Serving the local, state, and federal government as a police officer, legislative aide, project manager, or administrator.
  • Administrative positions in non-profit and for-profit organizations, serving as a fiscal officer, overseeing strategic planning, and raising funds.
  • Teaching in prevention programs, community education centers, after school settings, and (after pursuing credentials) in public and private school systems.
  • Working as career counselors, job placement specialists, job developers, and employment specialists at Universities, government employment programs, and community centers.
  • Counseling and administrative positions in drug and alcohol treatment centers, outpatient clinics, prevention programs, and government drug and alcohol treatment service centers.

Internship Requirements

Students enrolled in one of the three options listed below, must complete an academic internship prior to graduation. All 2-year degree students are required to complete 240 hours at an approved internship while enrolled in HD FS 395. During the internship experience, students interact with the instructor using the online course management system. Over the course of the semester, students explore various theories of leadership and team dynamics. Students also clarify their professional area of interest as they develop a comprehensive portfolio and participate in the career development process.

HD FS 395 Internship

HD FS 395 consists of 6 credits taken during the last semester of the Associates degree. It is comprised of 240 hours in an agency. Prerequisite: prior approval of proposed internship site by instructor.