PTA students in class.

Clinical and Registration/Licensure Requirements

Clinical and Registration/Licensure Requirements

Academic Policy 4


Students will be notified about clearances and health requirements for clinical education and registration/licensure.


Students will be notified of the clinical and registration/licensure requirements via the PTA program’s web page and the PTA Student Handbook.

The student will be asked to complete any or all of the following items through CastleBranch prior to the start or during any clinical experience.

  1. Documentation of vaccination against Hepatitis B, or evidence of adequate antibody titer, or have a signed statement of refusal to receive the Hepatitis B vaccine
  2. Proof of professional liability insurance
  3. Completed Student Introduction Form
  4. Two step PPD test for tuberculosis
  5. Physical examination form to include current immunization records
  6. Evidence of CPR
  7. Criminal background check
  8. Child abuse clearance
  9. Drug screen
  10. FBI fingerprinting
  11. Residency history
  12. Unlimited County Criminal Searches outside of Pennsylvania
  13. Nationwide Healthcare Fraud and Abuse
  14. Evidence of health insurance coverage during all clinical experiences.
  15. Any other clinical requirement required by the assigned clinical site.

The student will be responsible for all fees associated with these requirements. Failure to complete any of these requirements by the assigned deadline may prevent the student from initiating the clinical affiliation and could result in failure of the course.

If a student fails or has an unfavorable result on any of the clinical site-requested requirements, the clinical site may refuse to accept the student. Likewise, a clinical site may refuse to accept a student that does not comply with the site’s immunization or other health requirements. The ACCE will make a reasonable attempt, defined as one additional attempt, to place the student at a site of equal competency. If the second site refuses to accept the student based on the outcomes of the clinical requirements/clearances, the student may not be able to complete the clinical education component of the program. Failure to successfully complete the clinical education component of the PTA program will result in disenrollment from the PTA program.

Applicants may seek consultation from the PTA program coordinator prior to enrollment in PTA program regarding this policy.

Some clinical sites require drug and alcohol screening while students are on site. Students must comply with all such requirements to remain in the program.

Students may be required to travel or relocate outside of the immediate area for their clinical assignment. All expenses, including transportation and housing, are the student’s responsibility.

State Boards of Physical Therapy have strict guidelines regarding a history of drug/alcohol abuse and prior criminal convictions. Students who have a history of drug/alcohol abuse or a criminal record must disclose this information when applying for licensure/registration/certification and may be deemed ineligible by the State Board of PT for licensure/registration/certification.

Students will be asked to sign the Clinical and Registration/Licensure Requirements Acknowledgement form.